Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Call of Duty : Black Ops - ModBox [Host Modded/15th Lobbies with no JTAG]

Below is a video of ModBox, it is not in use but it is very self explanatory. What modbox is, is a program that allows you to host modded lobbies or 15th prestige lobbies in call of duty black ops. This has been tested to work and i have tried on my Xbox 360, And my PS3. It is supposed to work on Wii and PC but i cannot test those platforms, as i do not own a wii or the copy of black ops for PC.

I am going to explain how to use modbox in this post.

1. You must download ModBox at  Click Me. 
2. It will show an ad, but just wait 5 second then at the top left press skip ad.
3. Now what you want to do is check all the options you wish. [The MW2 Options will not work but you can still check them]
4. Then you check wich system you are doing either the Xbox 360, New Xbox 360, PS3, PC. If you are doing wii check "PC" .
5. Then you are going to enter your online name you want it to take effect for.
6. Click enter or apply patch.
7. Start up black ops, load a private match DO NOT CHANGE THE SETTINGS AT ALL OR THE MAP.
8. Start up the defauly tdm on array if that is what it starts at.
9. Run around lobby for about 10 seconds. Then you can end the game.
10. And there you go. If this did not work please download this video tutorial here:

Video Tutorial